What Problem Exactly Does “Cap-and-Trade” Solve?


Who owns our temperature?  It seems incredible that people actually believe that humans can control the weather, but here we are – with our lawmakers making laws to control the sun, the clouds, the rain.   If we could control Mother Earth’s hot flashes, then shouldn’t we debate who should decide the ideal temperature?  Might not England vote for the warm decades of yore that allowed its citizens vineyards?  Might not Minnesota prefer a longer spring and a shorter winter?  Siberians might have an opinion about the best annual snowfall.  Perhaps Floridians like hot days (they moved there, didn’t they) and would vote against cooling things down.  Bakersfield , CA wouldn’t mind if the sea levels rose.  Voila – the return of Goose Lake and instant ocean-front property.


So we beggar the nation with Cap-and-Trade, and politicians shred another page of the Constitution by choosing which businesses get deals and which get screwed.  In exchange we somehow magically have within our hands the ability to choose the climate.  Silly, no?  But if it were true, who should decide the “proper” climate?  And for whom?  In the past wars have been fought over much less.


And you thought the previous world wars were bad.